Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just a thought thru life.....

The Past Is the Future

Many people always thinking of the mistake that they have done in the past including me myself, i always thought if was more a good boy or a more hard working guy in the past i would be a better person today. But bare in mind past is past, for me take the past as a lesson for future what we been lacking all this while we must improve, what we miss make sure we don't miss it again, what has gone that never will can be replace let it begone for we must survive and live to make sure every life we live counts....take the past knowledge for future use to improve our self and other, and make sure that we do repeat the mistake we have done. What i wrote is common but just give our self a chance to change again, its never too late to improve unless we are dead....... Sometime, things might not go as plan but we much appreciate thing that we have done for the better of us and other.... Cheer

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Christmas In Long Sela'an 2008

Joget ......Joget....hehehe

I was drunk and acting weird.... i drank a bucket of tuak.... serius.....hehehe

Me and Penemuruai at Mr edward house..... with cans of huda beer....hehehe

The Night Penemuruai give his motivation speech to youth and elders in Sela'an

The first day we arrive in Long Sela'an .....

Monday, February 9, 2009

Memory of the past......

Trip to batu Niah during my Study years in UPM Bintulu, really some wish that i could back to the past....hehehe

Trip to Belaga Sungai Asap.... fish from My lecture fish pond... took a whole day to caught that fish..... I was the cook for that trip... i love cooking...hehe

dinner Gala... for last semester student..... Penemuruai second from the right......

The group of forester..... in casual version..... most of the forestry student usualy uncasual when attend class... i'm the worst one....hehehe i even wore short pants to class because i had no more clean pants to wear.... gara-gara malas nak cuci seluar la.....hehehe but lucky the lecture was sporting enought to let me in the class....heheheh

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Baram Arabica Coffee Project

Picture 1: Ripe Arabica coffee Berry

Finally all 3 years of hard work has come.... The Baram Arabica Coffee project has its first harvest.
The project started out to help and introduce new crop in the rural area exspecialy in the Ulu Baram region. The purpose of the project is to encourage the communities in Baram region to use and manage the land well and also to show a good exemple of Agro - Forestry it been done.
The Arabica coffee planted here are High land Arabica species, where suitable condition of heigth of 2000ft are prefered. Most of the terrain in ulu baram are hilly and suitable for this species of coffee.

Picture 2 : Sun Dry Coffee Bean

Picture 3 : The Crews with Me

Picture 4 : The Crews with Wilfred

So there hows a Cup of Good coffee is been created.....

Partner in Crime...hahahahah

Me and Wilfred a.k.a Dipenemuruai... Heheh heavy rain that night but the BBQ must go on.... cheer.....

This was my first tattoo i get when i was in my study years.... Painful but worth it... Most people discriminate people who have tattoo and i feel that its unfair for people that have tattoo to be discriminate. don't judge people by it skin but the personality of that people. i was once be told that I'm a bad people or gangster because i have tattoo, some even say that I'm a looser and a school drop out.... but guess what i prove them wrong..... before judging a person by appears , judge your self first.....cheer

My Second tattoo...hehehe got it when i got my first salary....heheheh cheer

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Love This Sport..... Rock....

Me n Team mate Ric.... during the Baram Throphy Cup. This event was held every year usually around mid Oct or Nov and was held for 20 more years the Baram Cup was started in 1980's and have a lot of history of how Rugby sport started and development in Miri.
Miri Rhinos and Miri Hornbill......

The Notorious Rhinos Team...hehehe but we loss this year.... 2nd place....