Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just a thought thru life.....

The Past Is the Future

Many people always thinking of the mistake that they have done in the past including me myself, i always thought if was more a good boy or a more hard working guy in the past i would be a better person today. But bare in mind past is past, for me take the past as a lesson for future what we been lacking all this while we must improve, what we miss make sure we don't miss it again, what has gone that never will can be replace let it begone for we must survive and live to make sure every life we live counts....take the past knowledge for future use to improve our self and other, and make sure that we do repeat the mistake we have done. What i wrote is common but just give our self a chance to change again, its never too late to improve unless we are dead....... Sometime, things might not go as plan but we much appreciate thing that we have done for the better of us and other.... Cheer


Penemuruai said...

Hey Bro!
Cowboy time yea? really express your feeling yea.
Best Regard;
The Founder of Penemuruai

mau*Bintang Ati said...

wow..that's really something..o hi..just passing tru la brother.